Our School

As a New Designs Charter School, University Park is committed to developing a college-preparatory learning environment where ninth through twelfth grade students become literate, self-motivated life-long learners that will succeed in a globally diverse, information-based, and technologically-advanced society.

Our Curriculum

Our rigorous curriculum meets and/or exceeds California Department of Education standards for graduation and admission requirements for the University of California and California State University. These high standards push our students to succeed both in school and in life. We also offer tutoring and other educational supports to ensure every student meets his or her academic goals.

College and Career Readiness
Our college and career readiness programs prepare students to succeed in college and advanced careers in the fields of medicine, engineering, information technology, and law and diplomacy. As part of our graduation requirements, each student must complete a career pathway. Students also have the option of taking college classes through local universities. Hard-working students could potentially finish high school with an associates degree! 

For more information about any of our college preparatory offerings, please contact Mr. Azuka Ojini


Technology meets academic pursuits at University Park. Here teachers use a variety of software and online learning applications to enhance student learning and classroom communications. We utilize a variety of online learning applications to enhance our curriculum.

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