Extended Learning Academy

Our Extended Learning Academy (ExLA) provides enrichment and tutoring to help each student meet his or her potential. Using hands-on learning activities and small group tutoring in a safe and structured environment, parents can be assured of their child’s safety both before and after school.

ExLA Attendance Policy

Participation in Extended Learning Academy is a mandatory component of our academic curriculum. Students may choose to enroll in either before- or after-school tutoring but must attend at least one afternoon session and Saturday School. Repeated attendance violations will result in withdrawal from ExLA. Contact Mr. Gaddiel Accquah, our ExLA coordinator, at (310) 678-8262 with questions. 

Dismissal Procedures
To minimize learning disruptions, all students must attend class for the full length of their enrolled period. Please pick up your student before 7:00 p.m. each weekday and at noon on Saturdays. We will charge a late pickup fee of $1 for every minute your student remains on campus after dismissal.

ExLA sessions follow our regular school calendar. If school is canceled or dismissed early for any reason (including scheduled holidays, inclement weather, or minimum days), we will also cancel Extended Learning Academy.